Tribute To Possessed - Seven Gates Of Horror

1.SADISTIC INTENT – “The Exorcist” (feat. Jeff Becerra)
2.IMPIOUS - “Fallen Angel”
3.CANNIBAL CORPSE - “Confessions”
4.PENTACLE - “The Beasts of Apocalypse”
5.VADER - “Death Metal”
6.DIABOLIC - “No Will to Live”
7.GOD DETHRONED - “Satan’s Curse”
8.ABSU - “Swing of the Axe”
9.SINISTER - “Storm in my Mind”
10.ANGEL CORPSE - “Burning in Hell”
11.KRABATHOR - “Evil Warriors”
12.HOUWITSER - “March to Die”
13.AMON AMARTH - “The Eyes of Horror”

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