Pais: USA
Genero: Death grindcore
Año: 2006

1.- Birth. Cancer. Death. (Cattle decapitation)
2.- No future (Cattle decapitation)
3.- Chili dispenser (Cattle decapitation)
4.- The recapitation of cattle (Cattle decapitation)
5.- Thrombosis all-in (cattle decapitation)
6.- Turn on the masters (cattle decapitation)
7.- United states of emergency (Caninus)
8.- Concrete sniff (Caninus)
9.- 11:11 is a cut (Caninus)
10.- Give me the paw (Caninus)
11.- Brindle is as brindle does (Caninus)
12.- Alien report (Caninus)
13.- Of epic contortions (Caninus)
14.- What's the deal wjth that dude who shot Dimebag? (Caninus)
15.- Kill shelters (Caninus)
16.- Victim in pain (cover Agnostic front) (Caninus)

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