Visceral Bleeding - Absorbing the Disarray

Excelente Death Metal de los suecos de Visceral Bleeding, bastante brutales, gran cantidad de variantes, velocidad e impecables ejecuciones, son argumentos plasmados en esta la 3º placa de la banda.

Year: 2006
Country: Sweden
Style: Brutal Technical Death Metal

||| Tracklist |||

1. Bi-polar 
2. Disgust the Vile
3. Despise Defined 
4. Perpetual Torment Commence
5. Emulated Sense: Failure 
6. Rip the Flesh 
7. Absorbing the Disarray
8. Awakened by Blood 
9. Beyond the Realms of Reason
10. Bring forth the Bedlam 
11. Demise of the one that Conquered

Line Up: 

Martin Pedersen – vocals
Martin Bermheden – guitar
Peter Persson – guitar
Calle Löfgren – bass
Tobbe Persson – drums


Absorbing the Disarray (Live)

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