Pais: USA
Genero: Death grindcore
Año: 1999

1.- Cloned for carrion
2.- Parasitic infestation (extracted pus, mistaken for yogurt and gargled)
3.- Unclogged and ready for spewage
4.- Gestation of smega
5.- Mute rain
6.- Flesh-eating desease
7.- Decapitation of cattle
8.- Constipation camp
9.- Intro to carnage
10.- Cream of the corp
11.- Mad cow conspiracy (bloated bovine-home to the flies and anthrax spores)
12.- Veal and the cult of torture
13.- Stench from the dumpster
14.- Body snatcher (viscera intact-ripe for devourment)
15.- Roadkill removal technician
16.- Bovine, swine, and human-rinds
17.- Bludgeoned, beaten, and barbecued
18.- Colon-blo

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