Atheist - Unquestionable Presence

Year: 1991
Country: U.S.A
Style: Progressive Technical Death Metal with Jazz Tendencies

1. Mother Man
2. Unquestionable Presence
3. Your Life's Retribution
4. Enthralled in Essence
5. An Incarnation's Dream
6. The Formative Years
7. Brains
8. And the Psychic Saw
Bonus Tracks
9. Enthralled In Essence (Demo Version)
10. The Formative Years (Demo Version)
11. Unquestionable Presence (Demo Version)
12. An Incarnation's Dream (Demo Version)
13. Retribution (Instrumental)
14. Brains (Instrumental)
15. Enthralled In Essence (Demo Version)
16. Mother Man (Drums & Bass Tracks)
17. And The Psychic Saw (Rhythm Tracks)

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Mother Man (Live Wacken 2006)

And the Psychic Saw (Live Wacken 2006)

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