Fredrik Thordendal´s Special Defects - Sol Niger Within v3.33

Year: 1999
Country: Sweden
Style: Experimental Math Metal

1. The beginning of the end extraction (the uncompounded reality)
2. The executive furies of the robot lord of death
3. Descent to the netherworld
4. och stjarrnans namn var malort
5. dante's wild inferno
6. i, galactus
7. skeletonization
8. sickness and demoniacle dreaming
9. uforia
10. zeta 1 - reticuli
11. transmigration of souls
12. in reality all is void
13. krapp's last tape
14. through fear we are unconscious
15. death at both ends
16. bouncing in a bottomless pit
17. the sun door
18. vitamin k experience (a homage to the scientist john billy)
19. sensorium dei
20. zeta 2 - reticuli
21. de profundis
22. existence out of joint
23. on a crater's verge
24. solarization
25. the end of the beginning of contraction (involutional speed up preparation for the big crunc
26. tathagata
27. missing time
28. ooo baby baby

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Fredrik Thordendal (Guitar Meshuggah) - Medley

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Anónimo dijo...

Gracias tio, al fin un link con la seña correcta!! No había escuchado antes a toda esta peña, pero con este video me he quedado alucinado.

Sir Panther


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